Why Choose Newton

Experience - Skill - Collaboration
During it’s more than 60 years’ experience serving the construction industry, Newton Enterprises gained a reputation as a leading General Contracting and Construction Management firm. With hundreds of successful projects located across three Canadian Provinces, the United States, and Japan, you can be certain that Newton Enterprises has the skills to meet the demands of your project. Newton’s integrated, design-build process facilitates communication between the owner, designer and project manager. This collaborative approach reduces risk, enhances quality and allows for superior project outcomes.

Since our beginning in 1952, we have completed hundreds of projects in three countries. You can be confident that we will be here to take care of you today and in the future!

Newton Enterprises employs only qualified designers, estimators, project managers and site supervisors and prequalifies all subtrades to ensure they meet our standards for quality, code-compliant construction and safe work practices. Your new facility will be the product of the efforts of trained construction professionals skilled in their area of expertise.

The team at Newton Enterprises is trained and experienced in construction techniques using wood, steel, stone, pre-stressed concrete, plastic, structural insulated panels (SIPS), insulated concrete forms (ICF’s) and more.  Regardless of the size, structural design and material selections, Newton has the knowledge and experience to bring your project to a successful completion.

In addition to providing construction management to projects across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North-West Ontario, Newton Enterprises has shipped hundreds of panelized and modular buildings to the United States and Japan. We’ve also completed site-built projects in remote northern locations where the only access was winter roads, seasonal barges or air cargo. We’re ready to overcome any challenges in your project and get the job done!

Consultative Process
Newton Enterprises has developed a team approach to construction by keeping Design, Estimating and Project Management in-house. This allows us to maintain open channels of communication in all aspects of the construction. It all translates to faster answers to on-site questions, accurate revisions and change orders, and increased quality control.


Corporate Responsibility

Newton Enterprises believes that we have a responsibility to our world and the people who share it with us. We demonstrate that belief by encouraging the use of recycled and sustainable products, maintaining clean job sites, and by supporting many local initiatives and charitable organizations.